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About us

About us

Promozos d.o.o. is a 100% privately owned company specializing in the performance of traffic signals. Our many years of experience and knowledge in the construction and installation of vertical and horizontal signalization and safety fencing and contribute to our reliability and competitiveness.

Our mision

By constantly researching the latest achievements in traffic science and using the latest technologies to provide design services that enable a more comfortable life and progress of society as a whole.

In 2050, there will be 9 billion people on Earth

70% of the population will live in cities

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Every day, people and goods are on the move. Everyone must reach their destinations in a safe and timely manner, using the least resources possible: a global challenge that Promozos helps to solve.

Manufacture of transport equipment and signaling

Manufacture of traffic equipment and signaling

We specialize in the production and execution of traffic signals and equipment.

Wide load transport

Accompaniment and permits for wide load transport

We offer the organization of transport with vehicles that alone or with cargo exceed the prescribed dimensions or total weight, or the prescribed axle loads.

Design and supervision of temporary traffic regulation projects

Design and supervision of temporary traffic regulation projects

We prepare traffic studies for temporary traffic regulation.

Rental of transport equipment

Rental of transport equipment

Do you need temporary traffic signals? We offer rental of traffic equipment and signs for a certain period of time on the most favorable terms.

Road patrol

Road patrol

We organize patrols and regular inspection of temporary traffic regulations according to the wishes of investors.

Protective elastic road fence

Protective elastic road fence

We supply, install and repair the protection of the elastic fence.


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